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2 years ago

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hi in January in the size 38 and 8 some1 had to say what I did last night. Part-time work in the village wanktube shop and was sold last week and the new owner was a man of about 55 - 56named bill. we talked and I said no other changes than wages, but we would like to talk about it last night, when you close the bill which supposedly blocks the door, and talking would. he took a bottle of wanktube vodka off the shelf and said, we also have a drink and chat. after vodka said several rand bill for me all of himself, began to question things casual and then somehow has managed to do to get the conversation around to sex with me, which led me to take upon me and a little of what I say Allsorts. He said my wanktube husband must be very lucky fucks me all the time and I just laughed and said that the law must be jocking Wham Bam usuall. before I knew what was wrong with Bill put his arm around me and rubbed my shoulders, then slowly, his hands, where moveing ​​on my tits, do not ikNow, if the effects of drinking, but I felt that he may dip by invoice, which was at least 20 years older than me, somehow, did not take long for a few minutes later was taken out of my panties and lying to beside all my clothes in a heap on the floor that was placed in me is wanktube pulling on his pants and his penis was big 8-inch, followed by immersion assault on my pussy, after about 3 minutes I hear you moan and I felt her hot cum fills me up, stood over her and said he was sorry for being so fast, so he told me to sit in wanktube the chair that I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking and then 5 minutes, he was shooting his sperm in my throat again, it was all floppy and told me I needed to meet, so it fell upon me and saw his bald head between my legs, I felt lika a real dog, but somehow I turned and in a few minutes I was shaking orgasms. I left the store feeling dirty, like a bitch, but wanktube also very happy and some thing gave me a raise and Bill said, if I run again tonight worth my time, but I do not know if I could fuck me sober, but I 'll let you know

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